Revision 2023.

COOPERATIVA DE CAMIONES BASCULANTES, CODEBAS, has strengthened its commitment to the environment with the implementation of the ISO 14001:2015 standard in which it analyzes the environmental impact of its activity. Based on the Life Cycle of the services provided, it has determined its Significant Environmental Aspects for which it has established internal goals based on the reduction of consumption, derived from natural resources, the reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, etc. Based on this commitment, CODEBAS wants to involve all interested parties so that they are aware of the work that is being carried out internally.

Those aspects of the company with the greatest significance in terms of environmental impact due to its toxicity or its consumption during the development of the company’s activity by 2022 are the generation of battery waste, the generation of contaminated absorbents, dust and particle emissions , fuel consumption, consumption of washing water and discharge to the client’s network of washing water. Based on these significant aspects, CODEBAS establishes actions and objectives in order to reduce the environmental impact of its activity.

For the current period, the objective of implementing methodologies in accordance with the principles of circular economy is available, which is currently in the monitoring phase and is expected to be achieved by August 2023.